Michelle Collins HSM AH

Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy ,
Bowen Technique, Reiki Master
Stress Management , EFT
Weight Management & Nutrition advisor 

Nutrition and weight management 

Nutritional advisor takes time to gather a detailed case history from each client , for example we would ask for food and activity diary for 7 days, this should include times you eat, and how hungry you were at that particular time, were you seated at the table to eat or watching the tv etc . Working with you is a two way process to create a realistic personalised plan that will fit in with your lifestyle and easier to maintain, rather than one size fits all. Many clients appreciate the education and care that comes with nutritional therapy in order to understand what is happening in their body .

Did you know it takes 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat

Do you crave Sugar ?
Are you confused about what foods to eat and not eat ?
Are you tired most of the time?
Do you feel bloated ?
At meal times to do you always finish everything on the plate even when your full ?
Are you hungry all the time?
Have you triedevery dietwith little or no results ?
Do you say to yourself I will start my diet next week?

A nutritional advisor can identify potential nutritional imbalances in your body and together we can make the changes.

What does the plan entail week one ?

  • I will ask you to bring along to the initial consultation ( 2 hours ) a 7 day food diary, (I will email you a food dairy sheet) fill it in every day for 7 days list and describe all the food you have eaten at each meal and snacks, also any drinks you have had. This will need be done before your appointment. I will take you weight and body measurement   ( hip, waist and thigh) any current health issues, your goals    ( for example weight loss, weight maintenance or weight gain) .
  • I will look at your calorie intake , your BMI, your activities i.e. Exercise , job, leisure time .
  • We will discuss what you eat now, what your likes and dislikes are .
  • We will discuss possible changes to these eating habits/patterns for example being conscious of what you eat, examine how you eat , plan what you eat and think about why you eat.
  • Discuss a exercise program I.e. Walking , gym, exercise classes.

I am also a clinical Hypnotherapist if we combine Nutrition and Weight Management with Hypnotherapy  WOW!  what a combination for sticking to a new eating plan , beating cravings, compulsive over eating , reducing portion size, emotional eating and much more.

Not everyone would want Hypnotherapy, and that’s fine I offer both services

I will provide you with information fact sheets to take home with you, to support and help you on your journey

I would recommend a minimum of 2 consultations or the 8 week weight management program for long term solutions

Some clients wish to book a maintenance programme beyond the 8 week period to keep on track and this can be discussed and agreed as you progress