Michelle Collins HSM AH

Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy ,
Bowen Technique, Reiki Master
Stress Management , EFT
Weight Management & Nutrition advisor 


Scar Tissue release

McLoughlin Scar Tissue ReleaseThe trauma of scars has, until fairly recently, been unrecognised. However, many people suffer from the physical or emotional impact even decades later. Scar Tissue Release Therapy has been shown to make a lasting difference in a number of ways such as stopping or reducing pain, itching or hypersensitivity, bringing back feeling where numbness is an issue, and helping with motion and...
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Chronic pain

Are you suffering from chronic physical or emotional pain?Has the medical world given up or said there's nothing they can do?If that’s you, I want you to know that I can HELP I offer a unique method of pain relief, involving removing the old message of pain by Mind Mediation. Have you been told there is nothing more THEY CAN DO FOR YOU , and you just have manage...
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