Skype or FaceTime Sessions at the HOLISTIC HEALTH CLINIC

Hypnotherapy, EFT does not need to be limited to an office visit any longer.
I am offering Skype & FaceTime Hypnotherapy sessions, at no additional charge for a normal office based session.  
Having a video session online via Skype, Zoom or Apple’s FaceTime means you get the exact same hypnotherapy session, as you normally would in the office, except you can do it from anywhere in the world!

How does Skype Hypnosis work?
As long as you have an internet connection and a computer with a webcam and microphone then we can work together. In fact often clients work with me using iPads and other tablets and phones to make it even easier. 
Hypnosis via Skype is really easy for you to experience. You don’t need to travel to me. So it saves you the stress of that journey, no need to worry about traffic jams, or being late for your hypnotherapy appointment. I use many different techniques which mean that we can help you get exactly what you want. 
You may even find that being in your own home environment really helps to make you feel even more safe and secure