New Faster EFT for anxiety and stress relief

Living with anxiety and stress can be exhausting; and while there are different types of anxiety
Step 1
Notice how you know you have anxiety and stress — if you’re feeling anxious right now, notice what that feels like; if you’re not feeling anxious right now, remember the last time you did feel anxious and notice what it feels like. Notice where in your body you feel it, and how strong it is.
Step 2
Using two fingers, and focusing on the feeling of your fingers on your skin, gently tap the following points while saying the phrases:
– Between your eyebrows — “I release and let this go.”
– Beside your eye — “Let it go”
– Under your eye — “It’s safe to let it go”
– Just below your collarbone — “Just let it all go”
Step 3
Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out and say “Peace”. Now go to a peaceful memory — something that feels really good. It doesn’t even need to be a real memory, it could be a dream or somewhere you would love to be — anything that makes you feel good, happy and peaceful.
Step 4
Now go back to the feeling of anxiety and stress and notice if it’s changed. If it has changed, notice how it’s different and what is still left. Then go back and repeat the process from Step 2 to Step 4. Keep repeating these steps until all of the symptoms of anxiety and stress have gone.

Do not stop until all of the symptoms have gone.

Use this technique every time you start to feel any Anxiety