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 New inspiration Weight loss class with a difference coming soon to Cotford St Luke

Would you like some help with Weightloss? Have you tried every diet and nothing works or it does for a short time then the weight just goes back on? What YOU need is help in changing your mindset towards food, being able to say NO to that chocolate bar, NO to that piece of cake, without even trying, to be able to say NO when you’re full. HOW DOES THAT SOUND?

This is a 1 hour class ( class size no more than 6 people) you can drop in for £8.00 or pay monthly £30.00 per month. 

I will be running the classes in Cotford St Luke

Call me for more information tel 07740290978 


“All you have to do is STOP STARVING YOURSELF and MOVE YOUR BODY MORE and your metabolism will increase.

And the best way to boost your metabolism is to become more active.

Simply sitting in a chair uses more energy that lying down.

Standing up uses more energy than sitting down.

Walking or climbing stairs all increase your metabolism and your energy needs.

You can almost double your basic metabolism rate by being very physically active and burning off a lot of extra energy.”

In other words, regular exercise will nearly double the speed of your metabolism.

BUT, before you throw up your hands in horror, realise that “EXERCISE” is simply this”


Can you think of any enjoyable ways to get your heart pumping and breathe more deeply than you are breathing now?

If so, you are already on your way to making exercise an easy and enjoyable part of your life.

When Paul asked people about exercise, they thought about running on a track or pumping iron. It made him laugh when people told him they never exercised. He asked them: “DON’T YOU GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING?” Also,


The fact is, you already “exercise” all day, every day simply by moving your body.

The key to supercharging your metabolism (and in so doing, speeding up the rate at which your body burns through calories and fat) is simply to move more than you are currently doing.

While the biggest exercise myth in the world is the idea of “NO PAIN, NO GAIN,” the reality of exercise is this:



In taking a look at some of the additional benefits of exercise, studies show that regular exercisers no only lose weight, but they feel great.

This is because exercise releases one of the best stress-reducing drugs available – your own natural endorphins. Here is how it works.

Your body does not distinguish between an emotional threat and a physical one.

So even when you are just worrying about bad things happening, your body prepares to protect itself by fighting or running away – but there is no one to fight and nowhere to run to.

The body gets worked up but cannot find a what to release its tension.

Each time you exercise you are helping your body release the tension of the stress response. making it feel calmer, safer, and healthier.

In addition, regular exercise triggers the body’s natural impulse to rest, relaxation, and recuperation, also know as the parasympathetic response.

The parasympathetic response is the SWEET, SOFT, FEELING you get in your muscles when you have finished some heavy work or vigorous movement.

You also feel a natural high caused by the release of endorphins, the body’s natural opiates. That in turn positively affects your mood, making you emotionally clearer and more able to function well – to concentrate.

Although many of my clients come to me because they have been suffering carrying around past traumas, there are others who are overwhelmed by the cumulative effects of smaller day-to-day stresses and strains that have really chipped away at their resilience and their capacity to cope. I find it a total pleasure to see people regain psychological and emotional freedom again so they can re-access their true resourcefulness, good character and good feelings. They deserve that. DITCH THE PAST

Living with anxiety and stress can be exhausting; and while there are different types of anxiety
Step 1
Notice how you know you have anxiety and stress — if you’re feeling anxious right now, notice what that feels like; if you’re not feeling anxious right now, remember the last time you did feel anxious and notice what it feels like. Notice where in your body you feel it, and how strong it is.
Step 2
Using two fingers, and focusing on the feeling of your fingers on your skin, gently tap the following points while saying the phrases:
– Between your eyebrows — “I release and let this go.”
– Beside your eye — “Let it go”
– Under your eye — “It’s safe to let it go”
– Just below your collarbone — “Just let it all go”
Step 3
Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out and say “Peace”. Now go to a peaceful memory — something that feels really good. It doesn’t even need to be a real memory, it could be a dream or somewhere you would love to be — anything that makes you feel good, happy and peaceful.
Step 4
Now go back to the feeling of anxiety and stress and notice if it’s changed. If it has changed, notice how it’s different and what is still left. Then go back and repeat the process from Step 2 to Step 4. Keep repeating these steps until all of the symptoms of anxiety and stress have gone.

Do not stop until all of the symptoms have gone.

Use this technique every time you start to feel any Anxiety

Food should be the most enjoyable pleasure but it can often cause us much frustration and unhappiness. Trying to lose weight and negotiate ourselves around social events, the office or client entertainment can add extra, unwanted stress into the process. If you want to lose weight the easy way then The Holistic Health Clinic, could be just what you’re looking for today.

Are you struggling with weight loss?
You’re fed up with diets and the latest lose weight quick fads? ?
You eat for comfort, often when bored / stressed / upset / tired or lonely?
Have problems with portion control and overeat?
Start out well at the beginning of the week but lapse easily and just give up?
Struggle to get motivated for exercise?
Lose Weight with The Holistic Health Clinic in Taunton 
I Show You How To Lose Weight Easily

Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind to address unwanted behaviours and associations with food. You will then create new, healthy and positive approaches.

We work together in a Weight Loss Coaching Programme, setting achievable weight loss goals. People are often surprised at how easy it is to lose weight, noticing how they feel fuller quicker or loosing the desire to eat any more and an increased motivation for exercise.   

Hypnotherapy, EFT does not need to be limited to an office visit any longer.
I am offering Skype & FaceTime Hypnotherapy sessions, at no additional charge for a normal office based session.  
Having a video session online via Skype, Zoom or Apple’s FaceTime means you get the exact same hypnotherapy session, as you normally would in the office, except you can do it from anywhere in the world!

How does Skype Hypnosis work?
As long as you have an internet connection and a computer with a webcam and microphone then we can work together. In fact often clients work with me using iPads and other tablets and phones to make it even easier. 
Hypnosis via Skype is really easy for you to experience. You don’t need to travel to me. So it saves you the stress of that journey, no need to worry about traffic jams, or being late for your hypnotherapy appointment. I use many different techniques which mean that we can help you get exactly what you want. 
You may even find that being in your own home environment really helps to make you feel even more safe and secure