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About Us

I’m and I’ve been a hypnotherapist for 18 years and feel very passionate about the work I do. I was drawn to working with the subconscious mind because I wanted to find therapeutic resources that are painless, effective and safe to help people in a way that offers real solutions, to real issues. I am always searching for additional ways to help my traumatised client’s with, The Rewind Technique, EFT, The Havening Technique and NLP, I use them alongside hypnotherapy, my drive has been to develop my skills to help people with emotional and physical pain, to permanently remove traumatic memories stored in the brain, a process that I tend to witness on a regular basis now. I have clients leave my office feeling a deep and significant shift, relief and freedom, after years of suffering (check out my reviews on Facebook). This for me is the best feeling in the world, and it never gets old.
I bring a wealth of learning and experience along with the ability to integrate a range of complementary therapeutic models into your treatment plan.

I would say that the part of me that brings forth the most joy and satisfaction is being a guide and facilitator to an individual’s well-being, healing and growth. My practice focuses on trauma, PTSD, low self esteem, weight loss issues, depression, ANXIETY, addiction, CONFIDENCE However, I confidently work with most issues.

Each client is a unique and special individual, therefore all my sessions are integrative and I use all the tools and resources at my disposal to assist a person in moving forward with their lives.

I offer a limited number of appointments for those on a low income. If you feel that you would benefit from Hypnotherapy, but cannot afford the normal rate, please let me know when you contact me.

So if you feel ready for positive change, then take a rewarding step and get in touch today!
This is your life, live it to the full